Super Image Viewer Interest and Usage Survey

Filling out this survey will help us provide a better product!

Updated May 2, 2019

1. Are you using Super Image Viewer?

2. How long have you had it?

3. How often do you use it?

4. Did you purchase the extra features?

4a. Use them?

4b. Like them?

4c. How was it priced?

5. What are some of the ways you’ve used Super Image Viewer?


Describe Other…

6. Have you ever contacted Super Image Viewer support?

6a. What reasons did you contact support?


Describe Other…

6b. How was your support request resolved?

6c. Any additional information about your contact with support?

7. How happy are you with Super Image Viewer?

8. If you were to rate Super Image Viewer on the Apple App Store, how many stars would you give it?

9. Describe the features you like about the product or how it has helped you…

10. What improvements or new features would you like to see in the product…

10a. Would a feature that would allow you to reorder images be useful to you?

10b. Would you like to be able to export reordered images, or reordering information?

11. Any stories you’d like to tell us about using Super Image Viewer?

12. How did you first find out about Super Image Viewer?


13. How would you describe yourself?

14. Would you like to be included in an article about how Super Image Viewer has helped people?
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