Super Image Viewer Release Notes

v2.4.0 — Current Release

Option to see Camera EXIF data, if present, including Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Focal length, Exposure compensation, Lens used, and Light Value—a calculated value based on shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.


  • New preference options to fade image info after 5 and 10 seconds.


  • Remembers the main window position and size across app launches.


  • Random Order sort order preference. The file order is randomized without repeats.


  • Better handling when folder contents change.
  • Lets you reconnect to folders if they have been moved or renamed.
  • Lets you reconnect to folders if you have migrated to a new machine or boot drive.


Major New Features!

  • Image Sorter: Allows you to create a custom list of images to show and edit their order, from of a folder.
    You may export or import a list of images.
  • You may now specify slide show intervals up to an hour.
  • Optional countdown timer shows 10 seconds before the next slide change.
  • “Pause” and “Play” indicators flash when you pause and resume a slide show.
  • Updated Help section.


  • Added extensive help under Help->Super Image Viewer Help.
  • When dragging the first folder onto Super Image Viewer it wasn’t automatically highlighting it.
  • Fixed dialog wording.


Added full screen options to show whole images, stretch an image to fill the screen, or clip an image to fill the screen.


  • Optimized for Apple Silicon.
  • Cleaned up resizing the Folders window.
  • Bug fix: In Big Sur, Play and Preferences buttons were invisible.
  • Bug fix: In Catalina, dragging folders onto the folder list was not working after displaying images.
  • Fix to Bookmarks menu after adding new folders.
  • Added F.A.Q. & support links in Help menu.


  • If “Keep Images by Folder” preference is specified, you may skip folders by using the option-left cursor key or the option-right cursor key.


  • Performance enhancements and internal fixes.
  • Support for App Store parental approval.
  • Now works with High Sierra.
  • Link to App Store in the Credits.


Initial release of Super Image Viewer.