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iTunes Reviews on the U.S.A. store

Needs more features ☆☆☆
by Bill the nice - Version - 1.4.1 - Sep 19, 2021

The time per slide only goes up to 1 minute.. If they increase it and add a countdown timer, I'd give it a better rating.
[These features are now in Version 2.0.1. You can always e-mail our support with new feature suggestions. We'd love it if you'd revise your rating. Thanks (We were never contacted by this reviewer.)]

Posted 10/13/21

Great Product! ☆☆☆☆☆
by Twiggy Rose - Version - 1.4.0 - Jun 24, 2021

If you are looking for a full-screen slideshow of your own photos, you will want to check out this app. The developer, Nick, is very responsive to your feedback. There is a free version, and the upgrade to slideshow is only $2 — a bargain to see your own photos in full-screen display. I could not be more pleased!

Posted 6/26/21

Doesn’t work in OS High Sierra ☆
by K-4-A-D - Version - 1.1.0 - Jan 31, 2021

Horrible, doesn’t even open any images regardless of whether you drop the folder into the app or open folder manually. Big ugly unnecessary splash dialogue each time you open the app which can’t be disabled.. Does nothing except show where your image folder exists on your computer. I was looking for something to replace the great View It app which is no longer supported by the developer. Completely useless app.
[Something is not right. Please contact our support. Select Help->E-Mail support. Thanks (We have not heard back from this customer. We’ve never received a similar complaint.)]

Posted 2/17/21

Super Image Viewer ☆☆☆☆☆
by PTWMPT - Version - 1.3.0 - Dec 16, 2020

The revised app works as advertised. I had used the app ViewIt by Hexcat for years but it is no longer viable. IMO, Super Image Viewer is as good as ViewIt. — PTWMPT

Posted 12/26/20

So far I like it! ☆☆☆☆☆
by Mark_2112 - Version - 1.2.0 - Apr 12, 2019

Right off the top you need to in-app-purchase the slideshow option $1.99 if you want that feature. But I think it's well worth that. The selling point for me is that with full screen slide show, all photos are scaled to fit the screen. Even if they are small old photos, they get expanded. Using for slide show for a family gathering.
[Great to hear!]

Posted 4/17/19

iTunes Review on the Australia store

Problem with Big Sur ☆☆☆
by Midget1934 - Version - 1.2.3 - Nov 17, 1920

I was very happy with this app until I updated to Big Sur two days ago. Now I can’t find any way of starting a slide show.
[You’re Right! It’s been fixed with Super Image Viewer version 1.3.0.]

Posted 12/25/20

iTunes Review on the France store

Just useless ☆
by DJ_FR - Version - 1.2.1 - Jul 31, 2019

use quickview for better results!
[We’ve posted this review for the sake of honesty. We disagree. Quickview has several disadvantages over Super Image Viewer, particularly if you want to make presentations. Quickview will not let you step through images while in full screen mode. It will not automatically step through subfolders. Super Image Viewer allows several sorting options. Quickview is great for a quick view, but not for more serious viewing of multiple images.]

Posted 8/1/19