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Must Have App for iMovie ☆☆☆☆☆
by Rationalist/Pragmatist - Version - 1.0.0 - Jan 10, 2016

Just purchased Backups for iMovie and I’m very impressed! As the title implies, it creates a backup of your iMovie project and continuously updates it as you work. I selected the option to backup everything – media files, events, etc. even though I’m using Time Machine and CrashPlan. The work I put into an iMovie project is invaluable and anything that helps me get it all back in one piece is much appreciated.

I opted to use an external hard drive to store the backups as I’m running out of disk space on my iMac. The application will find your iMovie Libraries and recommends you store the backups in a different location. I currently have 3 iMovie Libraries in the Movies folder in the Finder.

I use iMovie to create videos after traveling abroad and for special events like hiking trips, canoeing, etc. My projects contain both photos and video and can be quite large. While iMovie 10 is more stable than past versions, I still worry about something going very wrong and losing hours and hours of detailed work. Backups for iMovie provides me a safety net and the ability to restore a project from any point in time.

This application has been available for awhile for Final Cut Pro X so it’s nice to see the developer branching out to help those of us who rely on iMovie. In the FAQ, the developer mentions that a future iteration will include the ability to “Archive” iMovie project. I’m looking forward to that feature! I currently archive using the iMovie method, but it has been hit and miss when trying to restore one of these projects to fine tune it. “Missing Media” and other problems often occur. I’m betting Backups for iMovie will provide a more failsafe method.

Kudos to the developer for helping the iMovie user community! If you’ve ever watched the spinning beach ball go on and on while working on an iMovie project and hoped the file wasn’t corrupted, then this app is worth taking a look at.

Posted 1/17/16

Life saver! ☆☆☆☆☆
by Miggsb - Version - 1.0.0 Prerelease - Nov 24, 2015

The fact that iMovie doesn't even have a “Save” command, makes me queasy, so Backups for iMovie comes to the rescue with its “GO” button, letting me save my edits whenever the urge strikes me, as well as letting me backup at scheduled intervals. Now when I edit with iMovie, I feel like I'm wearing a Kevlar life preserver in an ocean full of digital debris and corruption, ready to sink me and all my hard work.

Posted 11/28/15