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Backups for Final Cut Pro Release Notes

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v1.2.0 latest release

Incremental Improvements

  • Note in the Filters tab of a backup definition about backing up Motion Templates in FCP 10.3+ libraries.
  • When snapshots with actual changes complete, it sends notifications to the OS X Notification Center to inform you. Use System Preferences->Notifications to control this feature.
  • A “Reveal in Finder” magnifying glass in the backup definition dialog lets you find the corresponding .fcpBackups archive.
  • When doing a Restore, it will not ask you to make sure FCP X is not running, if it is not running.
  • Will not let you put your archive in Time Machine’s folders.
  • Several consistency checks concerning where you are saving your snapshots.
  • Small changes to many dialogs and alerts.
  • Updated help.
  • Coordinated with the upcoming Backups for iMovie.


Lots of New Features

  • Supports FCP X 10.3 libraries. Note: The “Backup ‘Motion Templates’” option in Filter tab of backup settings refers to the global templates in your Movies folder. Motion Templates in your FCP X 10.3 libraries are always backed up.
  • Minor update for FCP X 10.2 Libraries
  • Be able to handle all file systems including Windows file systems. File modify dates are stored separately in a common format so dates compare properly across file systems.
  • Major new feature—Filters: Control which libraries you want backed up from a folder or volume. Select whether or not to backup new libraries. Option to backup Motion Templates.
  • A Trim button lets you remove older snapshots from an archive.
  • Checkbox on the main window to hide “Inactive” backup operations.
  • Backups will always back up media aliases.
  • Makes sure backup archives (.fcbBackups files) have a unique name and path for new definitions.
  • Improvements to the snapshot removal algorithm.
  • Improvements to the Logging feature.
  • New kinds of folders to ignore in libraries—“__AsyncCopying” and “__Temp” in FCP 10.2 libraries.
  • Build numbers are maintained and shown in splash screens as per Apple’s request.
  • Help files have been updated to reflect the new features.


Minor update for FCP X 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 Libraries (including 10.1.4, 10.2 and Yosemite)

  • Don't back up or restore “__sync__” files—internal to FCP X libraries.
  • When defining a new backup operation, start the user off in their “Movies” folder.
  • Refined text on volume picker dialog as per Apple’s request.


Support for FCP X 10.1 and 10.1.1

Support for FCP X 10.1 and optimizations for MacOS 10.9—Mavericks
  • Be able to back up and restore projects and events right out of FCP X libraries (.fcpbundle).
  • Able to search a whole disk or a specific folder looking for libraries. Options to scan subfolders.
  • Be able to drill down several folder levels when selecting a SAN location.
  • Bonus Feature—Logging: Backups for FCP will keep a log of the files backed up or restored as well as other operations. You can check the log to see what was actually saved or restored. There is also a log on each snapshot; listing the file changes it recorded in the snapshot.


  • Improved energy use profile and support of Mavericks App Nap feature.
  • Bug fix: Not detecting if a folder has come back online.
  • Added an icon to allow viewing the snapshots list right from the main window. A “Log” button on each snapshot lets you see the actual changes the snapshot recorded.
  • Tooltips on main window explain what all the buttons do.
  • New naming convention for .fcpBackups files when they represent a subfolder on a drive. (Existing backup operations use the original scheme.)
  • “Estimate Backup Size…” shows the number of libraries found.


Maintenance Release

  • Memory use analysis: More efficient memory utilization by Backups…
  • Analysis Files are now treated like Render Files, they are ignored. Both kinds of files will be regenerated by FCP X automatically when it needs them.
  • No other changes in functionality.


  • Initial support for Xsan network locations.
  • You may now double-click on a .fcpBackups archive to initiate a restore.
  • You may now control backing up Transcoded Media with an option. Unchecking this can create much smaller backups. Transcoded media may be regenerated from your Original Media.
  • Show the shortfall if a backup or restore was abandoned because of insufficient disk space.
  • Not all file system types are supported by FCP X and Backups for Final Cut Pro. We now only let you select volumes and backup folders on file systems that are supported.
  • Fixed a problem where the root volume was not pickable in "Volumes" folder on some MacOS versions.
  • As part of running a backup, it deletes a previous temporary backup folder before the space requirement calculation is done. It removes old misspelled, temporary backups.


  • Support for “Event Manager X” and hidden Projects and Events.
  • Renamed “Maintenance”, “Snapshots” on the backup options sheet.
  • Show backup progress information, featuring the amount of data it is copying, while performing a backup or restore.
  • Support for explicitly restoring Color Presets contents. Color Presets as well as Export Presets are currently being back up, and you may implicitly restore them by restoring a whole Final Cut Events folder. Now you may explicitly select Color Presets when doing a restore.


Initial release to the Mac App store.

  • Fixed various issues with backing up and restoring to network attached drives. Network attached drives do not have a Trash folder, so files must be deleted directly.