FCP Backup128

Backups for Final Cut Pro Release Notes

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v2.1.1 — Latest Release

  • Revised Help
  • Improved messages and handling when a source volume or destination folder is missing.
  • Tested with FCP X 10.6.


  • Optimized for Apple Silicon.
  • Tuned up some dialogs when running under Big Sur.
  • Increased reliability when doing a manual backup.


  • Fixed: Deleted Backup definitions were still visible at launch.

V2.0.0 — Major release

  • Catalogs the Libraries, Events, and Projects in your all backup archives.
  • Search feature lets you search for Libraries, Events, and Projects in online and offline archives. You get 12 free searches. An in-app purchase is available to get unlimited access.
  • Optional icon in the Menu Bar lets you see Backups activity, show the app, or kickoff new snapshots.
  • Internal memory management reorganization reduces Backups for FCP memory footprint.
  • The term Backup Operation is now termed Backup Definition.
  • The list of libraries in Filter tab are now in alphabetical order.
  • Updated Help.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • Now Supports Dark Mode in Mohave.


Bug fixes

  • Bug Fix: Fix to Restore dialog for High Sierra. It was not showing the available snapshots to restore from.
  • This version, and ones back to v1.2.0, work with Final Cut Pro 10.4.5.
  • Optimization to the Restore process, particularly for archives that are years old.
  • Slimmer memory footprint.


Bug fix and a couple of features

  • Bug Fix: On Mac OS El Capitan and Mac OS Sierra systems a quirk was introduced that caused Backups to not recognize volumes that were mounted after the application was launched. This could also happen at startup time if Backups came up before online volumes were fully recognized by the system. This required the user to; either relaunch Backups or to repick a backup source or destination to see them. This has been fixed.
  • When you quit, if you have defined automatic time interval backups, and these are active, you'll be asked if you really want to quit or just hide the application.
  • A “Restore” button has been added to individual snapshot listings in the snapshot list. This lets you go right to the Restore dialog to restore to this snapshot. Once there, you can cancel out if you are not interested.
  • The snapshot list also show “Trim to:” counts so if you want to trim your archive to a given snapshot, you’ll know how many snapshots to trim to.
  • Updated help.


Incremental Improvements

  • Note in the Filters tab of a backup definition about backing up Motion Templates in FCP 10.3+ libraries.
  • When snapshots with actual changes complete, it sends notifications to the OS X Notification Center to inform you. Use System Preferences->Notifications to control this feature.
  • A “Reveal in Finder” magnifying glass in the backup definition dialog lets you find the corresponding .fcpBackups archive.
  • When doing a Restore, it will not ask you to make sure FCP X is not running, if it is not running.
  • Will not let you put your archive in Time Machine’s folders.
  • Several consistency checks concerning where you are saving your snapshots.
  • Small changes to many dialogs and alerts.
  • Updated help.
  • Coordinated with the upcoming Backups for iMovie.


Lots of New Features

  • Supports FCP X 10.3 libraries. Note: The “Backup ‘Motion Templates’” option in Filter tab of backup settings refers to the global templates in your Movies folder. Motion Templates in your FCP X 10.3 libraries are always backed up.
  • Minor update for FCP X 10.2 Libraries
  • Be able to handle all file systems including Windows file systems. File modify dates are stored separately in a common format so dates compare properly across file systems.
  • Major new feature—Filters: Control which libraries you want backed up from a folder or volume. Select whether or not to backup new libraries. Option to backup Motion Templates.
  • A Trim button lets you remove older snapshots from an archive.
  • Checkbox on the main window to hide “Inactive” backup operations.
  • Backups will always back up media aliases.
  • Makes sure backup archives (.fcbBackups files) have a unique name and path for new definitions.
  • Improvements to the snapshot removal algorithm.
  • Improvements to the Logging feature.
  • New kinds of folders to ignore in libraries—“__AsyncCopying” and “__Temp” in FCP 10.2 libraries.
  • Build numbers are maintained and shown in splash screens as per Apple’s request.
  • Help files have been updated to reflect the new features.


Minor update for FCP X 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 Libraries (including 10.1.4, 10.2 and Yosemite)

  • Don't back up or restore “__sync__” files—internal to FCP X libraries.
  • When defining a new backup operation, start the user off in their “Movies” folder.
  • Refined text on volume picker dialog as per Apple’s request.


Support for FCP X 10.1 and 10.1.1

Support for FCP X 10.1 and optimizations for MacOS 10.9—Mavericks
  • Be able to back up and restore projects and events right out of FCP X libraries (.fcpbundle).
  • Able to search a whole disk or a specific folder looking for libraries. Options to scan subfolders.
  • Be able to drill down several folder levels when selecting a SAN location.
  • Bonus Feature—Logging: Backups for FCP will keep a log of the files backed up or restored as well as other operations. You can check the log to see what was actually saved or restored. There is also a log on each snapshot; listing the file changes it recorded in the snapshot.


  • Improved energy use profile and support of Mavericks App Nap feature.
  • Bug fix: Not detecting if a folder has come back online.
  • Added an icon to allow viewing the snapshots list right from the main window. A “Log” button on each snapshot lets you see the actual changes the snapshot recorded.
  • Tooltips on main window explain what all the buttons do.
  • New naming convention for .fcpBackups files when they represent a subfolder on a drive. (Existing backup operations use the original scheme.)
  • “Estimate Backup Size…” shows the number of libraries found.


Maintenance Release

  • Memory use analysis: More efficient memory utilization by Backups…
  • Analysis Files are now treated like Render Files, they are ignored. Both kinds of files will be regenerated by FCP X automatically when it needs them.
  • No other changes in functionality.


  • Initial support for Xsan network locations.
  • You may now double-click on a .fcpBackups archive to initiate a restore.
  • You may now control backing up Transcoded Media with an option. Unchecking this can create much smaller backups. Transcoded media may be regenerated from your Original Media.
  • Show the shortfall if a backup or restore was abandoned because of insufficient disk space.
  • Not all file system types are supported by FCP X and Backups for Final Cut Pro. We now only let you select volumes and backup folders on file systems that are supported.
  • Fixed a problem where the root volume was not pickable in "Volumes" folder on some MacOS versions.
  • As part of running a backup, it deletes a previous temporary backup folder before the space requirement calculation is done. It removes old misspelled, temporary backups.


  • Support for “Event Manager X” and hidden Projects and Events.
  • Renamed “Maintenance”, “Snapshots” on the backup options sheet.
  • Show backup progress information, featuring the amount of data it is copying, while performing a backup or restore.
  • Support for explicitly restoring Color Presets contents. Color Presets as well as Export Presets are currently being back up, and you may implicitly restore them by restoring a whole Final Cut Events folder. Now you may explicitly select Color Presets when doing a restore.


Initial release to the Mac App store.

  • Fixed various issues with backing up and restoring to network attached drives. Network attached drives do not have a Trash folder, so files must be deleted directly.