About Backups for Final Cut Pro

FCP Backup512

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Supports Final Cut Pro X version 10.1…10.6 libraries.

Ever had your FCP X folders corrupted so you can’t launch it? Ever gone down an editing path you didn’t like and find you can’t undo it? Backups for Final Cut Pro will get you out of such situations.

Install it before you need it!

Backups for Final Cut Pro is like Time Machine® for Final Cut Pro X®! It performs timed and manual snapshots of all your FCP X Projects and Events. It is similar to the automatic backup feature of Final Cut Pro 7—only more!

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What can Backups for Final Cut Pro Do?

  • Periodically or manually backs up all your Final Cut Pro X Projects and Events as snapshots. You control how often. You control what drives to back up.
  • Consolidates all your Final Cut Pro X data in one place for easy backup and archiving to additional devices.
  • It gives you control. You can control how much to backup. You can control what to restore.
  • Lets you restore everything from a given snapshot or selected projects, folders, events, or Motion® templates. You may select what drive to restore to.
  • Forgot why you made a backup? Add a description to each snapshot describing why you made it. Very handy!
  • Search feature allows you to search for Libraries, Events and Projects in online and offline archives.
  • You can back up just the project and event files themselves or add Media, Transcoded media, Shared Items, or FCP X’s own Backup folders as well.
  • Backs up and restores saved Motion® projects in your Movies/Motion Templates folder and FCP X version 10.6 libraries.
  • Ignores Render and Analysis files. These are automatically regenerated by FCP X.
  • Backups are incremental. Only changes since the previous backup operation are added to an archive.
  • Lets you see a list of all your backup snapshots and how much was backed up. You can delete old snapshots.
  • You control backing up Backups for Final Cut Pro’s archives to other media.
  • “Safe” snapshots. Only completed snapshots are retained. Available disk space is checked before the backup begins.
  • “Safe” restores. If to a local drive, replaced files are placed in the Trash—they are never deleted. If a failure occurs during a restore, the previous files are put back in place.*
  • Continually adding new features.

*The Restore process can not recover from the target drive failing or going offline, although you may repeat a restore after the drive is returned to service.